Professional graders are necessary for maintaining safe and uniform roads, but there are lots of other industries that rely on high-quality graders to get the job done right too — logging, landscaping, recreation, equestrian, and farming to name a few.

If you’ve mastered the use of your grader for your usual projects, check out these 11 dirt surfaces you might not have thought of that you can grade with an attachment from Roadrunner Equipment:

1. ATV Clubs

Properly graded trails create safer terrain for ATVs to zip through the trees. Using a top-quality grader on steep slopes is vital for maintaining the safety of riders on a challenging trail, and it helps prevent erosion too.

2. Trailways

Maintaining safe paths for hikers is essential. Using a grader creates a smoother surface, allowing the trails to last longer with less erosion and deterioration and giving hikers better footing and a safer experience.

3. Horse Riding Arenas/Rings

Whether you have one rider or many riders training in your arena, it’s important to work the surface every day. Regular grading ensures a smooth, safe surface for both horses and riders. Proper care also keeps the area from turning into a cloud of dust every time a horse trots by.

4. Horse Training Tracks

Maintaining safe training tracks for horses and riders is a top priority. First-class surfaces prioritize consistency among their training tracks so horses and riders know what to expect. Regular grading of equestrian training tracks keeps the base layer intact, protecting it from damage and decreasing wear on the top layer as well.

5. Farm Roads

Getting your harvesting equipment to and from the field can take a toll on farm roads. Roadrunner’s dual blade configuration provides maximum advantages for gravel road maintenance without the headache.

6. Driveways

Gravel driveways are a great place to test out your grader attachment. Roadrunner Equipment’s quality custom graders help you maintain an even surface, fill in potholes, and ensure proper drainage. Gravel surfaces tend to move and shift over time, so having the right tool on hand will save you time and money.

7. Dirt Roads

Dirt and gravel roads benefit from regular and thorough maintenance with grading and soil stabilization. Controlling the flow of water by crowning the road will help minimize ruts, potholes, and degradation of an uneven surface. Using proper technique and quality tools makes all the difference.

8. Rodeo Arenas

Well-maintained rodeo arenas are not only nice to look at, but they also provide even footing for your horses to ensure their consistent performance and safety. To work out ruts, drag in varied patterns each time you grade the arena.

9. Water Embankments

To construct a good, solid, lasting embankment, you need the right equipment and materials. Soil is more likely to shift, move, and be washed away on steep slopes and embankments. A grader from Roadrunner Equipment can help you prepare the soil to minimize erosion.

10. Parks & Rec

Flooding, erosion, and overuse can cause ditches, washboarding, ruts, and potholes in local and national parks. Proper maintenance of these dirt paths and playing surfaces is important for the park’s aesthetics and safety of its visitors.

11. Logging Roads

Logging roads provide access for forestry management organizations to remove and transport cut timber. Using the right equipment and materials creates a suitable surface for these industrial trucks to carry their heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Using the right equipment makes tough jobs easy. A grader attachment from Roadrunner Equipment gets the job done right every time. If you’re looking for a new grader, contact us today to see which one’s right for you.