Grading is the process of ensuring the area you drive, park, or walk on is level and pitched properly to allow for water runoff. It is a necessary process to maintain surfaces from weather and the environment. You may want to grade a surface in order to prepare it for paving, or you may grade a surface in order to fix it on a regular basis if it is just stone or gravel. Grading can also be used for managing water runoff on steeper slopes that are not driven on.

The equipment you use for grading can be used for these, and other, purposes. Some other things you may use grading equipment for are shaping a surface and mixing surface materials. You can also use a grader for moving and pushing small amounts of material.

If a grader is needed to maintain your lane or driveway, you may want to purchase your own instead of renting one or hiring someone to do it for you. If this is the case, there are several things to consider to ensure you are using the best-quality skid steer/ tractor grader you can.


Understanding What Matters Most


  • Your skid steer grader is designed to independently adjust for depth of cut on either side. Depth adjustment of blades allows for easier crowning and sloping while grading roads or driveways. The most important thing for maintaining your road is providing good drainage. In order to ensure proper slope of your driving surface, you will want to have a machine that adjusts on either side of the device.
  • Your grader is fabricated for extra heavy-duty commercial construction. You want your equipment to take anything you give it, and you want it to last!
  • Your grader is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. You will be putting your grader through a lot of heavy use and wear and tear. When a manufacturer’s warranty is in place, you have the security of knowing your equipment is built well! If a manufacturer can’t offer a warranty, it can mean they aren’t backing their machinery, and you may be paying a lot of unnecessary money for repairs.
  • Any replacement parts you might need are in stock and ready to ship the same day. If you are in the middle of a grading project and something breaks, you need that part right away!
  • Your grader is equipped with a serrated front blade. This feature helps break up hard-packed materials quickly.
  • You have options for fully customizing your equipment for any of your needs. There will always be something that makes your grading needs different from others. You want your machine to work best for you.
  • Your grader features heavy-duty hardened cutting edges. This greatly increase the life of the blades and the longevity of your equipment.
  • Has an industrial two-part epoxy paint finish. This provides a protective coating and adds to the appearance of your equipment. It helps the grader withstand surface damage from chemicals, oils, weather, and traffic and adds to its overall longevity.

Interested in Learning More?

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